Oregon Legislature Approves Gov. Kate Brown's Tax Break For Business

Amid apprehension from both Republicans and Democrats, Gov. Kate Brown managed to usher a deal through the Oregon Legislature on Monday to give tax breaks to some of the states businesses. Republicans criticized the one-day special session as an election-year political stunt, while Democrats said the tax cut comes at a time when the state is in desperate need for money to fund schools and health care. The measure, however, sailed through the House with a 51-to-8 vote; the Senate passed it 18...

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JPR Live Session: Gordi

On the farm in rural Australia where Sophie Payten – AKA Gordi – grew up, there’s a paddock that leads down to a river. A few hundred metres away up the driveway of the property named “Alfalfa” sits another house, which belongs to her 93-year-old grandmother. The rest, she says, “ is just beautiful space. And what else would you fill it with if not music? ”

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Megathon Charlie/Flickr

Gun Deaths Drop In Urban California, Not Rural

The "conventional wisdom" on firearm deaths is that the rates are higher in urban areas. In California, the conventional wisdom is wrong. The Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California-Davis studied firearm deaths--homicide and suicide--from 2000 to 2015. The overall rate of firearm homicide dropped 30% over that time... almost all of it in urban areas. Rural areas have seen no such decline.

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Hawaii Volcano's Lava Spews 'Laze' Of Toxic Gas And Glass Into The Air

Lava from the Kilauea volcano is pouring into the Pacific Ocean off of Hawaii's Big Island, generating a plume of "laze" – which Hawaii County officials describe as hydrochloric acid and steam with fine glass particles — into the air. Officials say it's one more reason to avoid the area. "Health hazards of laze include lung damage, and eye and skin irritation," says the Hawaii County Civil Defense agency . "Be aware that the laze plume travels with the wind and can change direction without...

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Hey, Salad Lovers: It's OK To Eat Romaine Lettuce Again

If you've avoided romaine lettuce because of the E. coli outbreak, you can start buying it again. After weeks of warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to toss out romaine grown in the Yuma, Ariz., region, the CDC says there are no longer any greens coming from this region. The romaine that's for sale now in restaurants and supermarkets nationwide is coming from California's Salinas Valley. In late March, officials at the state health department in New Jersey detected an...

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The judge in the Eagle Creek Fire case has ordered the teen boy who admitted starting the blaze to pay $36.6 million in restitution.

Oregon's juvenile delinquency statute requires youth to fully pay any economic damages they cause to victims of the Columbia River Gorge fire. 

Monday morning, Gov. Kate Brown will convene her first special legislative session since she became governor in 2015. The Oregon Constitution (Article 5, Section 12) gives the governor mandate to call such sessions for “extraordinary occasions.” Plenty of people argue Brown’s reason for the session — a new tax break for some small businesses — doesn’t amount to that.

Megathon Charlie/Flickr

The "conventional wisdom" on firearm deaths is that the rates are higher in urban areas.  In California, the conventional wisdom is wrong. 

The Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California-Davis studied firearm deaths--homicide and suicide--from 2000 to 2015. 

The overall rate of firearm homicide dropped 30% over that time... almost all of it in urban areas.  Rural areas have seen no such decline. 

Complete Coach Works

Down the valley with the sound of a whisper.  That might be overstating the plan for electric buses running between Redding and Sacramento. 

But the plan was attractive enough to bring in a grant of $8.6 million for battery buses to shuttle back and forth, with electric feeder lines for local communities as far north as Siskiyou County. 

The Shasta Regional Transportation Authority is in the driver's seat of the project. 

Southern Oregon's Howard Prairie Dam To Get Seismic Retrofit

May 21, 2018
US Bureau of Reclamation

The dam that creates Howard Prairie Lake will get a seismic retrofit over the next year to boost its chances of surviving a large earthquake should one rock Oregon’s southern Cascades.

Report: Gun Violence Costs Oregon $2.6 Billion Annually

May 21, 2018
John Sepulvado/OPB

Every year, about 63 gun-related homicides, 378 gun-related suicides, 160 nonfatal shootings and 138 unintentional shootings happen all over Oregon. 

The gun violence carries a heavy price tag, tallying up to an annual grand total of $2.6 billion, according to a report by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. 

Alaska Airlines will end its non-stop flights between Eugene and San Jose at the end of August. The change comes during a global pilot shortage.

UO Student Dies During 'Shasta Weekend' Camping Trip

May 21, 2018
MB298 via Wikimedia Commons

A University of Oregon student died Saturday morning at California's Shasta Lake while attending an annual camping event.

All Bets Are On Jade Bird

May 21, 2018
J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

The House of Representatives failed to pass a farm bill on Friday. The reason it died: Lawmakers voted against targeted cuts to safety net program like food stamps.

But those that work with low-income residents who use these programs had mixed feelings about the bill’s failure.


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